The Challenge from Abuse of Smart Mobile Devices

New Decision Group Social Media Interceptor – NovaED2S


Recently we read lots of tragic news from media about the abuse of social media by unknown malice perpetrators: some of victims suffered great pains for losing money or reputation and ended up with suicide, and some enterprises lost great potential business because confidential information had been leaked to the competitors. More and more similar incidents are or will happen like such never ending stories.

The reason why such stories happen again and again comes along with more and more popularity of both smart mobile devices and different social media services. People with smart mobile devices can easily access social media services by any time and at any places through ubiquitous wireless networks, which are both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G telecom wireless networks by nature. Though it is quite convenient to access internet service through 3G/4G wireless network, most of netizens still like to access internet through favorable Wi-Fi network, because it provides larger bandwidth traffic, stable link connection by cheaper cost. In most enterprise office environment, employees and visitors like to access enterprise business network to internet with their own device. It is so called BYOD phenomenon.

For IT security officers of enterprise or police from law enforcement agency, they always tries their best to prevent the abuse of cyber resource by those who’s behind to perpetuate such cybercrimes of fraud, harassment, bullying and data leaking. Through wired network or registered device through Wi-Fi network, they can easily prevent such malice links from abusing; however, it is really hard to prevent such abusing through Wi-Fi access by unknown BYOD.

In order to effectively prevent such abuse, both IT security and police should be more active to probe the potential threats from those unknown links and curb any further impacting action causing risky issues.

Decision Group provides an enhanced network forensic solution, which can perform effective network surveillance on those online social media services and sort out those with potential IT risk or cybercriminal ones. The solution is consisted of 2 different systems for surveillance processes: the first one – NovaED2S is dealing with encrypted secured traffic, and the second one ED3 is decoding the content inside. After two processes, user can conduct scoping analysis on the intercepted information with keywords or target ID, and, later on, perform link analysis to find more clue information of target suspects behind those criminal transactions.

The enhanced capability Decision Group NovaED2S provides can not only deal with those through generic standard HTTPS traffic, but it can also check those non-standard HTTPS and take surveillance action on it. Though there must be the private sub-CA or self-signed root certificate introduced during interception operation period, Decision Group NovaED2S still provides the high performance operation on the target traffic with high price/performance index based on the PC server hardware platform.

The NovaED2S has an enhanced internal engine, which has the slimmer and more efficiency internal module than the previous ED2S system does, so it can double its system throughput compared to the previous one. On the other hand, NovaED2S is also built in with high availability feature, so it can automatically switch to another standby system or just quit from the network routing path, if there is something wrong inside.

The above unique features make NovaED2S more easily deployed and managed in corporate network or target telecom network for IT security officers or police officers against those potential cybercriminal risk issues.

The most intrigue feature NovaED2S has is the flexibility on the interception capability of secured protocol. In the previous ED2S system, the target protocol is only within port 443, which is the major protocol hosting most of secured online services. The NovaED2S can target at the protocol, no matter at the port 443, with secured certificate inside and process it into the secured traffic back to original route and the other decoded traffic into ED3 system for content reconstruction. By this way, it can easily intercept more secured social media services on internet for IT security officers and police officers.

“We know there are lots of breakthroughs of internet technology every year,” said Casper Chang, CEO of Decision Group “and we invest a lot to study how to improve our system with more advanced technology to help IT security officers and police officers to curb such threats.” After 2 and half years, Decision Group development team eventually presents the new generation of social media interceptor – NovaED2S system from the previous ED2S system, an old HTTPS interceptor. It contains lots of new features for surveillance on secured social media and webmail services with better performance by brand new internal engine built-in. In the meantime, it also provides open interface to work with different systems for data exporting.

The NovaED2S is deployed in the harsh network environment for endurance test of performance and high availability, and it has passed all critical test items and been approved by such serious tests. In the real deployment, it can be implemented by stress customer requirement for high availability and high performance.

NovaED2S will be ready for shipment at any time for your future deployment. If you are interested in this new solution, please contact with us by or you may check out our website:

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