Significance of IT Security for Emerging IOT

The Best Solution by Decision Group against Internal Threats


The most significant topic in MWC 2015 is all about Internet of Things (IOT), which is the ubiquitous network connection with both cyber and physical worlds. Though the maturity of IOT technology is not yet and still developing by bumps and leaps, we can see a lot of solutions provided by different vendors around the application of IOT. Among all, there are 3 major fields in the mainstream of IOT development: different tier of pivotal platforms for operation, data collection and analysis, and, the most important, IT security.

The fundamental platform for IOT operation is consisted of different layers from head-end devices to physical networks, from networks to cloud service, from cloud service to business application, and eventually from business application to vertical operation process in corporate. For example, when a member client enters a supermarket store, all his or her movement and stay duration at each booth will be well tracked with his or her sales records as well. All this information will be fed into ERP backend systems of client membership record, sales, warehouse inventory, supply chain, and finance/accounting …etc. Manager of supermarket store can easily understand the consumer behavior, hot sales, inventory status and related business performance by day, week, month, quarter and year, and can quickly make decision for adjustment on sales and marketing strategy to increase the revenue and reduce the management cost. It is the critical business and management process for supermarket store.

From the above example, all the basis data are from POS machines, RFID price tags or membership card, infrared scanner, inventory racks, Intelligent NVR, and air condition control…etc. via different interfaces, but finally those are through the same backbone - IP network to different backend systems for fulfillment of the entire business process. The data can be processed by big data analysis in order to expose the trends behind by many factors. Business manager can look at these trends reflected by these data, and find the best strategy for sales management.

All the above IOT operation processes are pretty good paradigm for business owner, except one point: how do you protect these critical data from both internal and external threats? Now it is quite easy to set up IT security mechanism against external threats, because there are clear IT security governance guide, such as ISO27001, and powerful security systems, such as IDS, for prevention, tracking and defense; however, it is not so effective to face internal threats. Internal threat is usually hidden inside corporate, but it is like the malignant tumor, which eats up all healthy body piece by piece, or a potential bomb, which may explode in the long run.  However it works, it will end up with the corruption of corporate credit and governance, and impacts business seriously.  

“We see that lots of good enterprises suffer internal threats and come to collapse finally with nothing left,” said Casper Chang, CEO of Decision Group “and that’s why we try to help enterprise prevent such thing happen again and again.”   

For IT security risk with internal threats, Decision Group provides 2 network forensic solutions to enterprises: one is E-Detective (ED)/ED2S deployed with firewall systems for internet access surveillance, and the other is Enterprise Data Guard System (EDGS) deployed with core router for intranet access surveillance. ED/ED2S works on the target traffic, conducts the content reconstruction by different online services and protocols, and provide effective analytic tool for investigation and evidence collection on internal threats. EDGS can works as an intranet surveillance center on the internal online services, such as corporate email, file servers, portal service and database transaction…etc. as well as the central monitor center on peer-to-peer online services, such as Skype, eDonkey…etc., by deployment of monitor agent in each client devices through common office environment package, which is tool of corporate service desk for client PC/laptop management. Both are the must-to-deploy IT security systems for corporate to protect internal data on IT and IOT networks.

For large corporate with different location sites of branch office, Decision Group also provides the Data Retention Management System (DRMS) in regional hub data center or in central IDC site for centralized data management. Corporate can deploy Centralized Management System (CMS) to manage all data workflow from each branch office and administrate all ED/ED2S, EDGS and DRMS systems centrally. Besides, all internal data can be exported to other systems, such as SIEM/SOC or DLP, through CMS. After all, it will provide the simplified and streamline IT security management on the potential internal threats by single window. 

With the network forensic system working on internal links of both internet and intranet, the potential corporate IT security risk by internal threats, such as data leakage, cyber bullying, sex harassment, and blackmail…etc., can be monitored and controlled down to minimum level.  More and more IT security officers and senior management team come to know the significance of prevention from internal threats and like to take effective steady action. Decision Group full set of network forensic solution will be the best one for corporate IT security management. If you are interested in this new solution, please contact with us by or you may check out our website:

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