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Computer Network Lawful interception

Over the past 20 years, the increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet has caused a dramatic shift in the way people share information. Today, Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, VOIP and other IP Telephony have put a whole new world wide of communication at our fingertips.

At the same time, these ingenious and sophisticated technologies are often used to promote crime, violence and terror, which compromise the values of human society. To prevent such threats, law enforcers and security authorities must keep well in advance of the technology curve.

Computer Network Lawful interception is obtaining communications network data pursuant to lawful authority for the purpose of Intelligence gathering analysis or Cybercrime evidence. Such data generally consist of network raw packet or network management information or the content of the communications.

There are many bases for this activity that include infrastructure protection and cybersecurity. In general, the operator of public network infrastructure can undertake Lawful interception activities for those purposes. Operators of private network infrastructures have an inherent right to maintain Lawful interception capabilities within their own networks unless otherwise prohibited.

One of the bases for Lawful interception is the interception of telecommunications by law enforcement agencies (LEA's), regulatory or administrative agencies, and intelligence services, in accordance with local law. Under some legal systems, implementations - particularly real-time access to content - may require due process and receiving proper authorization from competent authorities - an activity that was formerly known as "wiretapping" and has existed since the inception of electronic communications. The material below primarily treats this narrow segment of Lawful interception.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding Filtering Performance on standard/commonly used equipment
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Deep Packet Reconstruction (DPR) of Protocols
    • SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, Web-Mail (Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail etc.)
    • HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1
      • ICQ, MSN, Yahoo over HTTP
      • Upload Download Data over HTTP
    • FTP
    • Telnet
    • VoIP interception
    • Online Game
    • Р 2Р  interception
    • ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, QQ, Google Talk, IRC, UT Chat Room, Skype
      • Messaging
      • File transfer
      • Voice
    • Authentication protocols
    • Tunneling protocols
    • Additional features:
      • Fragmentary IP-packet handling
      • Dump decoding of pcap files
      • Incoming traffic SPAM pre-filtering
  • Widest range of Target Identifiers
  • Intercepted Data Management (selection, copying, grouping, export, unloading/downloading, sorting, archiving and other tools)
  • Administration and Access Rights Control to systems
  • Up till 256 traffic probes per one control server
With over decade of cutting-edge expertise in network forensics and packet reconstruction software development, Decision Group's E-Detective product line offers the best technological approach to implementation of the IP network surveillance and monitoring technology.

Decision Group's E-Detective product line comprehensive IP data and voice interception solutions will help Law Enforcement Agencies fully control the security of the Internet and be always ahead of crime's next move in the new world of IP-based communication.

What is Network Crime?


Digital Evidence

Is any probative information stored or transmitted in digital form that a party to a court case may use at trial! Courts have allowed the use of e-mails, digital photographs, ATM transaction logs, word processing documents, instant message histories, files saved from accounting programs, spreadsheets, internet browser histories, databases, the contents of computer memory, computer backups, computer printouts, Global Positioning System tracks, logs from a hotel’s electronic door locks, and digital video or audio files … … etc

Total solution for Network Lawful Interception

1. Wired packet reconstruction.

2. Wireless (802.11 a/b/g/n) packet reconstruction.

3. HTTPS/SSL packet reconstruction.

4. Off-line packet reconstruction.

5. VOIP packet reconstruction.

6. Network packet analyze training.

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