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National Security on Internet

How to Maintain a More Stable Society for National Progress and Solidarity

Recently there are several instances of uprising in Middle East countries. For the past 40 years, we saw such similar sceneries, and learned lots of lesson from those. The model of these uprisings from Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan…etc was quite similar:

First, large protect movement by mob was invoked by opposition party against government. With more and more confrontation and discontent, frustrated mob initiated violent riot everywhere in order to threaten police and paralyze the entire society.

Second, government will try to restore social order by military curfew, freezing lots of activities, and distributing allotment in different community to control situation. In each community, people will also discriminate themselves into different sects by ethic or religion. Worse case is the withdrawal of elites and foreign investment.

Third, eventually the result, whether government was there or not, was more ruin, poverty, hunger, and violence than before. Most business activities were just halted because there was no law or order. Everybody, anti government or pro-government, were all losers.

“But, as someone who led a peaceful revolution, I hope that their pride is tempered by pragmatism - because a change of regime is only the first step in establishing a democracy backed by the rule of law. Indeed, as my country, Ukraine, is now demonstrating, after revolutionary euphoria fades and normality returns, democratic revolutions can be betrayed and reversed.” - Yuliya Tymoshenko, leader of Orange Revolution in Ukraine, in her recent essay “Revolution Betrayed”.

She clearly stated that revolution by such blind mob protest movement cannot guarantee the establishment of democratic government and social justice based on her experience in Ukraine several years after revolution.

  • More educated younger generation with less responsibility
  • More influential cross-border satellite mass media with less moral constraints
  • More westernized living habits with less respect on tradition and heritage
  • More popular mobile phones with cheaper rate
  • More communication tools on Internet with less abiding by law
  • Higher unemployed citizens
  • Higher inflation rate on food supply
  • More extreme religious elements
  • Higher demanded bourgeois
  • Sporadic corruptive bureaucracy
  • Uneven wealth distribution
  • High acceptance for new social renovation
  • More national capital for new large infrastructure
  • More private investment on civil construction
  • Balanced health facilities between rural and urban areas
  • Higher literacy rate
  • Lower death rate
  • Asian value helps Asian countries develop their own countries with national dignity, culture value and social heritage for the past 30 years
    (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korean, Japan)
  • More advanced society give citizens more economic freedom and democratic right
RUMOR HAS IT THAT…   (Read More)
  • Rumor is the biggest enemy in modern society
  • Frequent news announcement through mass media
  • Monitoring
    • SMS
    • Internet Content (Facebook, twitter)
  • Lawsuit against rumor spreaders

EGYPT CASE STUDY   (Read More)  |  (Clips)
  • Wael Ghonim, Google Regional Marketing Executive in Dubai, UAE
  • He created “We are all Khaled Said” page in Facebook to spark protest movement against and overthrow President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in 2011
  • Target on rumors of social network and instant message on Internet under country LI law
  • Keep on tracking the sender and routes
  • Instant alarms on keywords, target suspects, and groups
  • Block or filter extreme comments on Internet
  • Good data retention management utility
  • Highly confidential operation with capability on more protocols and encryption ways

    Solution for Government and Interior Security Force:

  • Internet Activities Monitoring
  • Sensitive words, suspects and groups monitoring and alarm
  • Data Retention and Archiving

We do have several references worldwide with our solution in maintaining social stability, and like to share with you how they implement it effectively. We also provide you the training program on how to implement the process to monitor Internet. If you are interested in it, please check out the below Internet resource:

Our contact information is:

Please contact with us, and we will be glad to help you set up your own Internet monitor system for your national security.

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