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Telecom Market
Current Telecom Market
  • Open Competition after Deregulation
  • Emerging Technologies Speed up Competition
  • Revenue Loss is Common to all Telco Service Providers:
    • International and Domestic VoIP Routing
    • Price Competition on Bandwidth Offering
    • High Demand from Market
    • Increasing CAPEX and OPEX in New Technology Acquirement and Investment
    • Fraud phone calls
  • Since 1997, de-regulation on telecom operators has been a major trend in the world
  • New telecom players are coming into market with new technologies and large capitals
  • Emerging global telecom players provide services cross boarder in many different countries
  • Market Share, Time-to-Market, CAPEX vs OPEX, Killer Application, customer relation management …etc are the major concerns for all Telecom service providers
Emerging Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies in Telecom are
    • Digitize all voice data
    • All IP networks in the core switch
    • Triple-play multimedia platform - IMS
    • Optic fiber network
    • Broadband wireless network
    • More powerful mobile personal CPE available
Revenue Loss
  • VoIP Routing
    • International long distance phone calls through cheaper Internet VoIP routing
    • Revenue loss in international call
    • Hard to investigate and prevent from international fraud crime
  • Price Competition
    • New players want to gain more market share by the way of pricing competition
    • Highlighted Quality of Service
    • More user-oriented marketing programs
  • High Market Demand
    • More service requests from market
    • More killer applications demand
    • Higher service level expectation
  • Increasing CAPEX and OPEX
    • More technology upgrade
    • More marketing program development
    • Business process re-engineering and re-organization
  • Fraud and Crime Prevention
    • Fraud phone calls through VoIP networks
    • Cross-boarder Crime Routed by VoIP
DG E-Detective
Decision Group E-Detective Tactic System
● VoIP Monitoring & Behaviour Analysis

> Solution for Telecom Service Providers:

  • VoIP Monitoring/Network Behavior Recording
  • Auditing and Record Keeping
  • Data Retention and Archiving
Major Features
  • Real-time Internet Interception, Monitoring System that Captures, Decodes and Reconstructs VoIP data and Various Types of Internet Traffic
  • Compliance with Many Standards like Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), GLBA, SEC, NASD, ETSI, CALEA, ISO 27001…etc
  • Free Text Search (search by Key Words with Boolean support), Conditional Search, Similar Search and Association with Relationship Search
  • Alert and Notification (Throughput, Conditional and Key Words Alert) Functions for User Behavior Analysis
  • IP Tracking on Outbound and Inbound Messages
  • Open ODBC Interface with Report System (Crystal Report) or Data Mining/Warehouse (Oracle or Teradata) or BI tools
User Behavior
  • Summary Screen on Service Type, Frequency/Quantity, Throughput/Volume
  • Daily Report on Data Volume in Different Time Slot
  • VoIP Call Content with Detail Related information on Call Number, routing, IP addresses of caller and receiver…etc.
  • All data can be retrieved by 3rd party solutions, such as Crystal Report, Oracle, SAP, teradata, SAS and BI tools
Behavior Report
Usage Report
VoIP Phone Interception
  • Intercept all VoIP Phones without encryption
  • Support SIP, H.323 (G.711, G.729, iLBC…etc)
  • Provide IP information of caller and receiver, routing, account name…etc.
  • Provide only log with IP information of caller and receiver, routing, account name…etc for Skype
  • Can be integrated with AAA server for more account information
VoIP Calls (with Play Back)
Play back of reconstructed VoIP audio file using Media Player
Support RTP Codec such as G.711a-law, G,711μ-law, G.726, G.729, iLBC
Value-added Services
  • As Value-added Service for Telecom Subscribers
  • For Residential Subscribers
    • Provide Parental Network Guardian System to Home Users
    • Monitor Children Internet Activities at Home
    • Prevent Juvenile Crime and Child Abnormal Behavior
  • For Enterprise Subscribers
    • Provide Data Leakage Protection
    • Provide IT Security Auditing Record
  • Package Offer by 2 or 3-year Leasing Program
  • Accumulated User Behavior Data can be Asset and Product for Market Survey and Advertising Companies
Other Features of ED
  • Support 1.2 Gbps bandwidth throughput
  • Distributed deployment with Central Management System (CMS) in Telecom IDC
  • Support close to 150 protocols or services
  • Backup function allows user to backup the captured raw data files or reconstructed contents.
  • Functions available are Bookmark, Capture File List (Comparing the content of two files), Online IP List, Authority Assignment, Syslog Server …etc
E-Detective for Customer Relation Management
  • Take DG E-Detective for Service Differentiation and Revenue Growth by User Behavior Data
  • Imperatives to Manage Unwanted Traffic in the Networks, and Spiraling Volumes of Wanted Traffic
  • Track IP Routing Information on VoIP Phone
  • Easy Deployment and Maintenance