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Deep packet inspection needed for combating cybercrime

By Samuel Amoah CCE, CEH, CEI, MCT, NPFAT

President, CFG Computer Forensics Inc.

Brampton. Ontario. Canada

I know there is the privacy law governing the internet, which is a great idea. At the same time, the same internet service is mostly utilized as a vehicle for attacking networks, be it government or corporations, or individual networks. Just as the we have all agreed to be searched thoroughly at the airports before flights, we should allow the Security Agencies to utilize deep packet inspection to help in protecting networks. Sounds interesting right? yep. So how do we do it right?

1: Packets being captured and kept for a period of time, to allow security agents reach into the packets to find source of attack, should the need arise will be the best solution. At least to the best of my knowledge, such technology exist, and it is easy to use.

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Samuel Amoah.
Certified Computer Examiner, Network Packet Forensics Examiner, Private Investigator.
Partner of Decision Group
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