KCC and ETRI, Korea visited Decision & III-IG Taipei, Taiwan on June 17, 2010 on LI

Subject 1 ( Download PPT.): Lawful interception (optionally, data retention) regulation/policy in Taiwan
Subject 2 ( Download PPT.): LI solution introduction of Decision Group and demonstration
Subject 3 ( Download PPT.): Other LI related issues which you want to introduce

Delegation group of Korean Communication Council (KCC) and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) visited Institute for Information industry (III) and Decision Group in Scientific Technology building, III headquarter office in Taipei, Taiwan on June 17, 2010. The purpose of this meeting is to have discussion on several topic of current lawful interception policy and digital forensic technology development in Taiwan.

“Through such communication we hope that Korea government can set up national lawful interception regulation” Ms. Diana Chu, General Manager of International Business Group, III said in the welcome speech, “ from Taiwan experience, and bring more future technology exchange opportunities for both sides.”

In the meeting, Decision Group also arranged series of lecture for Korean delegation group on Taiwan IT security law environment and network forensic technology by the experts from Taiwan National Police University, Taiwan Criminal investigation Bureau, Taiwan Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Justice. These lectures extensively cover topics Taiwan lawful interception regulations, private information protection of citizens, real case study and digital forensic technology development.

All delegates also had lots of feedback with these experts in terms of comparison of environment between Taiwan and Korea, technologies, and experience exchange. “With strong R&D competence in digital forensic technology, Decision Group likes to have such communication and technical exchange with different research institute in the world,” Casper Kan Chang, CEO of Decision Group, said by the end of meeting, “and we honestly believe it will benefit a lot for both parties in the future.”