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A Few Words About Us - Who are We and What Do We Do?

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About US

Decision Group is a company focusing on worldwide renowned DPI application of E-Detective.  Decision Group, established in Taipei, Taiwan since 1986, is one of the leaders in manufacturing of PC-Based Multi-Port RS232/422/425 Serial Cards, Data Acquisition & Measurement Products and Industrial Automation and Control Systems.

Decision Group, since the year 2000, started new line of business involved in designing and development of equipment and software for Internet Content Monitoring and Forensics Analysis Solutions. Now Decision Group positions itself as a solution provider with full spectrum of product portfolio on network forensic and lawful interception. The excellent core network forensics products and training programs in our list are:

  1. E-Detective(ED) – work as strategic lawful interception device
  2. Wireless Detective (WD)-WLAN Internet Interception and Content Analysis Solution
  3. Lawful Interception Suite (LI Suite)
    1. iMediator – for lawful interception operation as mediation platform
    2. iMonitor – for warrant administration process and intercepted data presentation in TSP network center or LEA Monitoring Center
    3. EDDM – for lawful interception operation as content reconstruction and monitoring system in LEA Monitoring Center on packet switch telecom network
    4. iMedia Gateway – for lawful interception on VoIP/SS7/ISUP signaling data of circuit switch telecom network
    5. Data Retention Management (DRMS)  – for long-term lawful interception data retention management with SAN or NAS system
    6. Tactic Lawful Interception Package –trolley system with integrated function of data access, collection, reconstruction and management for short term lawful interception operation of LEA
  4. HTTPS-Detective  – 2 types of HTTPS Interception Solution, and each for LAN (forward proxy) and Telecom networks – ED2S (transparency proxy)
  5. Centralized Management System (CMS) – for centralized management on distributed frontend E-Detective, ED2S, EDDC, Data Retention Management systems
  6. EDDC - Offline Internet Packet Reconstruction and backend data reconstruction engine Solution
  7. VoIP-Detective -  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Interception Solution
  8. NIT-  portable Network Investigation Toolkit
  9. FIT-  portable Forensics Investigation Tool (MS Windows based)
  10. Knowledge Management System(KbP) – parallel indexing system for big data management with defined business rules built-in in the field of behavior pattern (modus operandi) analysis, text mining…etc.

In order to provide better service, Decision Group also provides several different level of training programs based on customer requirement. These programs are usually delivered by qualified local instructors, senior cybercrime investigators or scholars in university. These are listed below:

  1. Network Packet Forensic Analysis Training (NPFAT)
  2.  - Network Packet Forensics Analysis Training
  3. Lawful Interception Training (LIT) – on lawful interception planning, deployment and delivery
  4. Cyber Intelligence Training (CIT) – cyber intelligence deployment and delivery for national security
  5. Cybercrime Investigation Training (CCIT) – co-work with National Taiwan Central Police University and Taiwan CIB on training of cybercrime investigation skill and theory for LEA staff

Besides the above products and training programs, Decision Group also provides consulting service on planning of lawful interception and cyber intelligence to our partners and customer. With lots of deployment experience in different countries, DG consultants will provide streamline lawful interception process from warrant authorization to data collection on telecom networks, and fully meet global and state mandates and regulation.

“Headquarter office of Decision Group is now in Taipei, Taiwan with 43 engineers in network forensic solution development and industry automatic board designing, and provides versatile of consulting services on network forensics for more than 16 years.

 As for industry automatic board designing, Decision Group provides extensive OEM/ODM services with its skillful technical competence to those partners and client all over the world. In order to fulfill customer satisfaction on the highly emerging demand in the market, Decision Group has also developed a series of comprehensive training programs on network forensics, such as Network Packets for Forensic Analysis (NPFAT), Cybercrime Investigation Training (CCIT), Lawful Interception Deployment Program and Cyber Intelligence Training Course. These programs has been licensed to contracted training center worldwide for hand-on scenery training with proven certification too.”

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Awards and Recognitions

computer forensics awards

Award story. Decision Group assisted Criminal Investigation Bureau in arresting one of the most wanted fugitive Zhang Xi-ming.

Zhang Ximing  (born in March 18th 1968), Dongshan town,Tainan County Taiwan, was the master mind of the infamous kidnapping group , planned many kidnapping for large amount of ransom . The gun battles between the police and use of heavy amunitions caused panic in the society . on July 13, 2005 he was shot and caught by police in the Taizhong County Shalu Town .   On July 13, 2005 the police traced his IP by using E-Detective system developed by Decision Group Inc , found out Zhang Ximing hid in a rented apartment in Taichung . At 8:55 am, criminal police's Bureau Chief Hou You-yi arranged to surround and carrry out the capturing strategy immediately. The criminal investigation bureau altogether with 125 police forces participated in the arrest action. Zhang Ximing was shot in the back , fell to the ground and was arrested finally, ending his ten years of ordeal.

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