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HIGH-PERFORMANCE Network Packet Capture and WIRE-SPEED Packet Decode solutions for Wired and Wireless environment which support Ethernet, Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n (WiFi), HTTPS/SSL, VoIP Interceptor technology for the Network Forensics , Lawful Interception and Information Security.

Wikipedia definition : Network Forensics, Lawful Interception , Information Security .


Tactic Lawful Interception Package

Tactic Lawful Interception Operation is the way investigator uses lawful interception device to collect the traffic from operator POP center or internet exchange gateway, and have it analyzed for crime investigation or intelligence collection. It is for temporary deployment instead of permanent operation and must be used for specific case by authorized personnel with approval by court. Traffic must be directed into interception point by the help of network management staff of operator or international exchange gateway. The only difference for tactic LI is that target user provision data may not be available directly from traffic, but it can be available by link analysis on the intercepted data. Decision Group provide the total solution of tactic lawful interception package for cyber investigation, lab and training of LEA, and it can be easily upgrade into ETSI-compliant LI platform.


- Brochure Download 3.38MB
- Package Contents 926KB
- Presentation Slides 1.60MB

Lawful Interception Suite (LI Suite) for Packet Data Network 

Decision Group’s Lawful Interception Suite (LI Suite) for Packet Data Network provides all the hardware and software needed for targeted network surveillance based on a court-issued warrant. The suite includes iMediator, iMonitor, our EDDM module that decodes and reconstructs network packets, and the evidence archiving manager – Data Retention Management System.

- Presentation Slides 1.69MB

Cloud Computing Application

Internet User Behavior Management Service by Cloud Computing Technology Offered Jointly by eDataNet and Decision Group

Data Sheets  683KB

Real-Time Network Forensics and Lawful Interception System

(Read Instructions) - Online Demo Site (Login: root/000000)
Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 380

Network Investigation Toolkit/2nd Generation (NIT2)
Introduction of Network Investigation Tool


Sample Appliance Photo, Lenovo X200

E-Detective Decoding Centre (EDDC)
Network Forensics Packet Reconstruction Tool

- Brochure 1.14MB
- Hardware Specs 35 KB
- Software Specs 125KB
- User Manual
- Presentation Slides4.81 MB

Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 160

HTTPS/SSL Network Packet Forensics Device
HTTPS/SSL Real-Time Forensics and Lawful Interception System

- Brochure 854KB
- Hardware Specs

- Software Specs 136KB
- User Manual
- Presentation Slides 6.33 MB
Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 160

ED-SSL Visibility Appliance
ED-SSL Visibility Appliance help manage risks associated in your network


ED-SSL Visibility Appliance have the ability to copy & forward the decrypted traffic to other security solutions, Ex. Sandbox/IPS/DLP to conduct further scanning

- Brochure

Real-Time Wireless Forensics and Lawful Interception System

- Brochure3.19MB
- Hardware Specs35KB
- Software Specs252KB
- User Manual
- Presentation Slides5.6MB
- Advanced technology of Distributed Wireless
  Network Interception

Sample Appliance Photo, Lenovo X200

VoIP & Real-Time Forensics and Lawful Interception System

- Brochure 260KB
- Hardware Specs 47.8KB
- Software Specs 192KB
- User Manual
- Presentation Slides 1.02MB

Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 160


Forensics Investigation Toolkit (FIT)
Introduction of Forensics Investigation Tool

- Brochure 949KB
- Presentation Slides 2.62 MB
- Data Sheets 2.37MB
- FIT User Guide 1.22MB

E-Detective Data Guard System (EDGS)

Intranet Traffic Interception & Real-Time Reconstruction System
Market: SME, Enterprise, Government
Models: EDGS
Download: Presentation Slides 4.63MB
Download: Brochure 1.14MB

Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 380

Central Management System (CMS)
Managing Distributed ED and DRMS systems.

-- Hardware Specs 35 KB
- Presentation Slides 779 KB

Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 380

ED Backup Server & ED Data Retention and Management System (DRMS)
E-Detective Backup Data Viewing System


- Software Specs 85KB
- Presentation Slides 1.06MB
- Backup Server Catalog 960kB

Sample Appliance-Server Photo, HP ProLiant 160


Performance and Stress Test Report on E-Detective 500 and 1000 models


WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK Cracking Module

WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK Cracking Module

Cyber Crime Investigation Course

Combined with theory and real practice of case study, this program will provide you lot of information on cyber crime investigation by 4 aspects:

  1. The Nature of Cyber Crime
  2. Cyber Fraud
  3. Procedure of Lawful Investigation on Cyber Crime
  4. Case Study on Internal Threat and Information Security Issues
Network Packet Forensics Analysis Training (NPFAT)
- Training Schedule
- Content List 56.6KB

- Presentation Slides 858KB
- Instructor Profile


- Brochure 2.90MB
- Presentation Slides 938KB

E-Detective Market Analysis

Market Analysis


- Brochure 919KB
-Presentation Slides 3.08MB
-Specification 51.9KB

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