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E-Detective System Backup Server

  • E-Detective Backup Server (BS) is designed for viewing Backup ISO Data (Reconstructed Data backup by E-Detective System).
  • Provides a User Friendly GUI. Easy to import (mount ISO) and view the Backup Content especially for large amount of Backup ISO Files.
  • Capable to mount and view multiple Backup ISO Files at the same time.
  • Works with E-Detective system for Auto FTP Backup function. Allow Auto Backup ISO File in E-Detective to be stored in Backup Server.
  • Search and Advance Search functions provided to search into Backup ISO Content or specific Backup ISO Content.
  • Easy Management of Backup ISO Files.

Sample Screenshots of ED Backup Server : (Show screenshots)

References – Implementation Sites and Customers

  • Criminal Investigation Bureau
  • The Bureau of Investigation Ministry of Justice
  • National Security Agency (Bureau) in various countries
  • Intelligence Agency in various countries
  • Ministry of Defense in various countries
  • Counter/Anti Terrorism Department
  • National Police, Royal Police in various countries
  • Government Ministries in various countries
  • Federal Investigation Bureau in various countries
  • Telco/Internet Service Provider in various countries
  • Banking and Finance organizations in various countries
  • Others

Notes: Due to confidentiality of this information, the exact name and countries of the various organizations cannot be revealed.

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