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Introduction of Computer Forensic and Network Forensic Technology

Network Forensics:

Technical analysis for all networks using various transmission modes, through the collection, analysis, filtering, comparison and other methods to identify suspicious patterns of behavior, or to detect abnormal behavior hidden in the normal patterns. This helps preserve time, network behavior and content in order track back to culrpit, or patterns are used to prevent further harmful incidents. Such application technology is beginning to be widely used in computer crime investigation, information security threat assessment and analysis, and leakage of confidential information and other fields.

Network Forensics Analysis Tool:

is an essential tool used by computer security professionals. It simplifies data processing, analysis and comparison features of the Network Forensics investigation work more easily and quickly. Since 1995, network forensics has become a new area of network security. There are dedicated network forensics tool that can help investigators collect original network data , through recording and analysis, or find out about security attacks or information leakage and other causes of network security breach. Network forensics tools offer protection besides firewalls and network intrusion detection . Network forensics tools enhance network security defense capability, and provide security administrators the service of the network security warning analysis and response. It also collects and retains all of the network Raw data, and can be restructured to allow history content playback and advanced analysis capabilities such as information retrieval.

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