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Cloud Computing Application :
Internet User Behavior Management Service by Cloud Computing Technology Offered Jointly by eDataNet and Decision Group

Introduction :
For most enterprise accounts in the market, the issue for internal Internet access by employees usually brings benefits as well as damages. Accessing the Internet conveniently will increase the productivity of an employee in terms of fast information collection and better communication with both customers and suppliers. On the other hand, the Internet is also the major reason of data leakage and employee distraction from their job. In many enterprises, minimizing the disadvantages of employee internet access while increasing productivity is a primary concern of senior management.

Internet user behavior management is not a new idea. Senior management already uses log files from network management systems or active directories for that purpose in many enterprises. Unfortunately, reports from these systems, which are not designed for such purposes, don’t usually reveal many clues about employee behavior during working hours nor specify which event is abnormal. So, year after year, the situation is still the same as the internal network infrastructure grows more complicated with business development.

Digital Forensic Technology is a new way to manage Internet user behavior. It collects all data packets, inbound or outbound, at the router side of the network, and parses and classifies these packets, reconstructs the packets back to its original contents, and stores it in a file system in a database. The basic theory is just like the below figure:

Enterprise Market :
In some large enterprises, they adopt a digital forensic system to control network user behavior and prevent confidential information leakage. With the implementation as shown in the illustration below, these enterprises can easily deploy such a system inside their network infrastructure:

After implementation, the enterprises get the results and performance they expect.

In small and medium enterprises, senior management faces the same issue with those in large enterprises, but implementation of a large enterprise system is expensive and difficult with only two to three on the network operations team.

Offer for SMB :
For such demand in the market, both eDatanet, as a Content Service Provider, and Decision Group, a renowned digital forensic solution provider, work together to provide a cloud computing service with network user behavior management and data leakage prevention.

The service will be implemented as shown in figure below: all the network connections between the subscriber and the ISP are under the private VPN. The network digital forensic system is deployed in the IDC of the ISP and performs the task there.


Small and medium enterprises can subscribe to such service directly from the ISP or the CSP by a monthly subscription fee with 3 year contract. They don’t need to have a team of high-caliber high-salary professionals. With the well planned security mechanism in access, data transmission, and storage in place, enterprise subscribers will feel more comfortable.

Sales and Market :
This service has been introduced in the Pilipino market through the ISP – Prodata Net. Several SMB customers are currently using this service for internal user Internet behavior management and data leakage prevention, and Decision Group has gotten positive responses and high customer satisfaction from the subscribers. We expect an addition of 500 subscribers by the end of the year.

The major functions provided for enterprises are :
  1. Prevention of internal data leakage
  2. Deployment without change of the internal network infrastructure
  3. Low total IT cost of ownership through services offered by ISP
  4. Remote disaster recovery mechanism with email transaction data
  5. Audit mechanism compliant with ISO 27001
  6. Transaction and forensic auditing on email, instant message and VoIP systems
  7. User network usage and daily behavior report for performance review
  8. Confidential files and key words transmission tracking

Home and School :
There are another 2 market segments – home and school. The demand of both segment is almost the same. Our service will provide the below functions for those subscribers from home and school :
  1. monitor student behavior at school from the viewpoint of Internet transactions, such as email, instant message, and set up sensitive words/jargons related to bully, pornography, drug deal, violent fight…etc.
  2. Monitor children behavior at home from the viewpoint of Internet transactions, such as email, instant message, online game, web link…etc.
By good understanding on students and children, teacher and parent can help and conduct children proper behavior and prevent juvenile delinquent acts.

Function :
  1. Instant Message Record :
    • Present date, time, account ID, IP(MAC) address, object and content of conversation and attachment.
    • Work on MSN, Web MSN, ICQ, Yahoo Message, Google Talk, QQ, IRC and UT.
    • Output conversation content of Instant Message by the condition of date into the format of Excel spreadsheet.
    • Reconstruct video, audio, origin and destination from Yahoo Messenger.
    • Provide log file of Skype with date, time, account ID, IP of sender and receiver.
    • Provide friend list of MSN, Yahoo messenger.

  2. Provide decryption function of Gmail.

  3. Network integration with Microsoft AD or Novell Netware server.

  4. Provide analysis information of data packet with unknown protocol with date, time, origin and destination IP, port number, MAC, packet size, packet number in the sequence by filter request.

  5. Archive system :
    • The system is equipped with 2.5GHz above CPU,2GB memory and external disk array for archive image file.
    • Provide searching function with specified keyword and file on the archive image files by at least 100.

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