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The Alliance between Institution for Information Industry and Decision Group

From 2010, Decision Group (DG) signed an extensive cooperation agreement with Institute for Information Industry (III) of Taiwan for joint development on technology, market and training program. Decision Group, as a leader with key technology of deep packet capture (DPC) in global network forensic market, positions itself as new technology developer and cutting edge solution provider for a long time. In order to make use of its advantage in more market segments, DG fully cooperates with III by enhance existing solution with more functionalities into the fields of Clouding Computing, Security Operation Center Management, Home Automation…etc.

III, established in 1978 by the sponsorship of Taiwan government, is the leading ICT Think Tank in Taiwan, and has versatile of experience in the ICT consulting services and solutions for more than 30 years. Since 1997, when the Taiwan government embarked on an ambitious e-Government initiative, III profession teams have performed numerous assignments to support multiple e-Government services and platforms in Taiwan.

III's unique success is a well-planned collaboration between the government and private sectors. Today, while increasingly involved in more international projects, III is aiding many other countries across the world by the resources of well trained and experienced technical staff and management professionals to develop their own ICT infrastructures for national economic development.

With such cooperation agreement, DG co-works with III in the new technology development projects on security mechanism under cloud computing environment as well as information security management service (ISMS) under the scope of security operation center (SOC). On the other hand, DG also assisted III to provide professional cyber crime prevention training program to international lawful enforcement agencies. In Dec. 2010, III delivered such training program to Korean National Police Agency.

DG also cooperated with III in national security projects in Switzerland, Qatar, in which III provides professional consulting and system integration service whereas DG provides the best network forensic solution for these countries. The total network forensics solutions, covering LAN / WLAN / HTTPS / SSL / VoIP / off-line Internet surveillance, user behavior management, data retention & network content forensics analysis…etc, are designed to fulfill the security requirement in different areas, such as:

  • Cyber crime investigation with forensics analysis and lawful interception
  • Information security auditing inside government agencies
  • Internet activity monitoring / network behavior management on scope of national security and intelligence

In the future, more potential opportunities and cooperation between DG and III will be under well planning and development. The close partnership between DG and III will also greatly benefit all customers with versatile requirement in global market.

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