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Case Studies

MSN Crime Case Investigation

An actual event happened to a public relation company. A sales manager X stole the sales from the company. On February 2005, the sales manager of this public relation company intends to steal sales from company clients. The manager conspired with friends during work hours, causing company losing approximately 200,000,000 NTD. The company has internet auditing device installed and was able to recover the sales manager's MSN conversations with his associates. With the digital evidence preserved, the sales manager is brought to court.

During the prosecution, the defendant's lawyer raised a question about integrity of the recorded MSN conversations. Therefore, the lawyer for the public relation company approached a Network Forensics Expert for the possible ways to strengthen the integrity of data. There are two methods to deal with this issue. First option is to provide sanctioned documentation from legal sanction facility. Second option is to find more information from existing data to support and prove the data accuracy. The first method will take more time and sometimes the Sanction facility report is often too technical which could mislead the judge. Therefore method two is deployed and further analysis of the recorded data is conducted.

The Forensics Expert worked with experienced agents to discover the defendant's friends list from existing data. The people from the defendant's friends list are interviewed one by one to prove that they know the defendant. This evidence is then presented in the court to prove the recorded data integrity and the transacted data belong to the defendant. In the end the defendant was unable to deny and admitted his actions. The digital data collected and preserved from the Internet can support as evidence in all legal cases.

Hands-on Practise):

Use E-Detective syetms Capture MSN chat session and identify the friend list and content.

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