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Product Updates Released

E-Detective (LAN Internet Interception and Content Forensics Analysis Solution)

ED-DEC-2.22 version

ED-DEC-2.22.2001 (Released 17th September 2013)

ED-DEC-2.22.2002 (Released 24th October 2013)

ED-DEC-2.21 version

ED-DEC-2.21.2001 (Released 26th July 2013)

ED-DEC-2.21.2002 (Released 30th July 2013)


Wireless-Detective (WLAN Interception and Content Forensics Analysis Solution)


WD-DEC-2.21 version

WD-DEC-2.21.2001 (Released 9th October 2013)

WD-DEC-2.20 version

WD-DEC-2.20.2001 (Released 29th April 2013)

WD2-2.5 version

WD2-2.5.2001 (Released 30th January 2012)


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