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VOIP-DETECTIVE - VoIP & Real-Time Forensics and Lawful Interception System

Decision Group launches VOIP-DETECTIVE, VOIP interception and reconstruction tool in 2009. In 2009 Decision Group launched the VoIP Interception and Reconstruction tool - VoIP-Detective. This tool is capable of capturing, decoding, and reconstructing VOIP sessions (RTP sessions). It allows the playback of voice calls that passed through the network, and storage and back up of all voice call content for further reference purposes. The supported protocols include SIP (the technology that is most commonly used) The supported CODECs include G.729, G.711-a law and G.711-u law, G.726 and ILBC.


Diagram1: VoIP-Detective Implementation


Diagram2: VoIP-Detective Voice Call Reconstruction and Play Back

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VOIP interception
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VOIP interception and reconstruction tool
More then 100 Law Enforcement Agencies to specify
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  • 2. Criminal Investigation Bureau
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  • 4. Coast Guard Administration
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