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Presenter - Mr. Casper Chang-kan, CEO Decision Group Inc. Taiwan

Casper Chang-kan established Decision Computer in 1986 (later to become Decision Group Inc.). At the early stage of Decision, it produced PC board, components and OEM assembling. Owing to the production technology became more mature with stable working capitals, Decision stepped into 286 motherboard production. At that time, there were only 5 manufacturers of 286 motherboard in Taiwan. After 1 year selling & producing, Decision understood that the market will eventually become low profit with high competition. Therefore, Decision decided to produce PC-Based Multi-port RS232/422/485 Serial Cards, Data Acquisition and Measurement Products and Industrial Automation & Control, those are with higher profits by specific technology know-how. Decision developed its own driver & software program to distinguish other competitors, in order to get higher market share and profit.

Since 1993, Decision co-founded with long-term cooperation foreign distributors to incorporate a holding multi-national company: “Decision-Computer International Co., Ltd”. Decision officially stepped into transnational company management. OEM and serial cards have been gradually replaced by advanced & matured PC, and threatened by the growing PC industry neighbors.

At this point, Decision decided to turn into the development & research of cyber forensics, digital property reservation, and successfully developed the series of network packet forensics products:

E-Detective Series of Products:

  • E-Detective System
  • LAN/Ethernet Legal Interception System,
  • Wireless-Detective System-WLAN Legal Interception System,
  • HTTPS/SSL Network Packet Forensics Device,
  • WatchGuard.WLAN,
  • VOIP-Detective and others

Decision has become a leading network forensics software provider in the world, and works with Taiwan Police Agency, Crime Investigation Agency to devote Decision’s digital forensics technology in social security and cybercrime investigation.


  • 1984 in Taiwan Casper wrote the first LAN card’s BIOS firmware (for Apple II
    computer with 6502-8 bit CPU)
  • 1987 : Established Decision Group. 29 years of computer industry experience in RD, manufacture, sales & Marketing.
  • 2000 : Decision developed the first wired network packet forensics Equipment in Asia.
  • 2002: Decision developed the first wireless network packet forensics Equipment in Asia
  • 2004 : Participated with Research Development & Evaluation Commission (RDEC) to formulate Taiwan R.O.C network security standards of wired & wireless.
  • 2006: Participated in Coast Guard Administration to formulate the SOP of digital forensics.
  • 2007 : Participated to compile the teaching materials about wired & wireless network packet forensics in Taiwan Central Police University
  • 2008 : Participated with RDEC to formulate the security standards of wired& wireless network equipments for government organization.
  • 2009 : Started the unique training course: Network Forensics Analysis Training Program (NPFAT) in the world. Two training courses had already held in Turkey and Taiwan Central Police University in June &

Workshop: Mr. Casper Chang will present a unique and highly advanced workshop on network forensics which will not only provide attendees with an insight into the important subject of network packet analysis and reconstruction, but also will provide attendees with an extremely detailed training manual free of charge with many additional advanced topics.

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