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Network Forensics for Lawful Interception

Lawful interception as its meaning is the operation by law enforcement authority to conduct tap wiring operation on telecom facilities for the sake of crime investigation and prevention based on law. Network forensics is actually an act to collect data of both network user information and his associated communication content on IP network and conduct the extensive analysis.

 Traditionally lawful interception operation targeted at the voice part of communication, which was simply one session of communication link between 2 parties. There were several methods for this type of lawful interception, such as pen register, trace device, tap wire…etc. In such operation, the intercepted data you got were 2 kinds: session, which was call data record (CDR) with identity of 2 parties, and content (CC), which was voice part of data. All telecom operators must purchase their equipments with requirement of state lawful interception operation, and all telecom equipment providers must provide their solutions to fulfill these state LI requirement. All such requirement at that time was for analog type of lawful interception, i.e. voice. There are also different lawful interception mandates, like CALEA, ETSI…etc, for operation standard to law enforcement authority.

 Digital IP network communication is a new type of technology for people to transfer large information from one place to the other, from one person to multiple persons or unspecified public. Since late 90s in the last century, there was emerging the technology of data as well as voice transmitted through digital network. The effect of this new technology ends up with more informative, ubiquitous and cost-justified communication network, which eliminates the boundary of IP network and voice telecommunication.

 In the mean while, lawful interception operation becomes more and more challenging on telecommunication with new IP network technology. At this moment, there are more versatile of content sessions inside communication (such as facebook, twitter and VoIP utilities simultaneously), more parties in one single communication session link, more anonymous identities in the networks, and more links of cross border communication…etc.

In the past decade, the most significant breakthrough was the popular mobile communication with both data and voice everywhere. Subscribers of mobile network service can access different communication by voice or data though different mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, at any time and place. Though shortening the distance among people, it also complicates the task of lawful interception operation against crimes and terrorism. To support such digital and voice converging trend, all mobile network operators adopt all IP technology in core network side.

 For lawful interception operation, eventually you may see most of network forensic technique applied in the field with telecom equipment and more complicated data analysis technique used for clarification of identity and location. How to implement network forensic solution into lawful interception operation in both telecom operator sites and LEA sites is new challenging topic for system integrators and LI solution providers.

 Decision Group has developed network forensic solutions on IP network for more than 12 years, and also owns excellent competence in terms of system development and deployment for customer requirement. “Customer requirement is usually our top principle to develop turnkey solutions,” said Casper Chang, CEO of Decision Group, “and our objective is to solve customer problems in the real environment instead of complicating issues.”

 Decision Group integrates network forensic solution with ETSI standard, law enforcement requirement and new technology of telecom all IP network together, and develop a full set of cutting edge law enforcement management facility suite, starting from mediation device – iMediator in telecom operator site, iMonitor for data reconstruction and presentation, iWarant for data input by police with warrant order to frontend iMediator, Data Retention Management System for long term data retention, and Centralized Management System for user authority and system log management.

 Decision Group also provides both Network Packet Forensic Analysis Training Program for fundament data analysis and Cyber Crime Investigation Training Program for law enforcement authority staff in order to be familiar with new technology behind lawful interception operation. On the other hand, Decision Group is fully understand that lawful interception requirement in different country is totally different. So, Decision Group also provides both Consulting Service and Solution Customized Service for your requirement. With full spectrum of solutions and services, you won’t be in trouble while conducting cyber investigation over fixed and mobile networks. If you are interested in Decision Group Lawful Interception offers, please contact with for more information.

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